Fresh and refined

06 Jun 2017

Welcome to our new lounge area inspired by the springtime. Between shades of blue, white and golden, Dôme will be pleased to welcome you to discover its new fresh and refined atmosphere.

Powdery and satiny inspiration.

25 Apr 2017

Here are the new collections of Larsen fabrics and Arte wallpaper Inspiration to be discovered in our showroom.
Inspired by traditional technique, “Monochrome” by Arte is a work of single colour with relief inks and luxurious finish.
Associated with the two news collections from Larsen, these two embroidered powdery satins are inspired by the ribs of tree bark for the one, and bands of tweed on a silk chain for the other.

Summer scents

20 Aug 2016

Understated subtlety

01 Apr 2016

At our showroom, discover the subtlety of magnificent side tables and the desk in faux shagreen by Andrew Martin. Bespoke chair made by Dôme. (Fabrics by Dedar.)

New trends in our showroom

13 Jan 2016

Discover our new trends in the lounge area inspired by the winter season. The gentle mix bewteen the taupe, plum and bronze colors offer to the showroom a pleasant and serene atmosphere.

The traditional candles

05 Jan 2016

Dôme indispensable traditionals: Moka-Tonka, Cédre-Cachemire, Rhum-Tabac and vanille épicée candles by bougies la française.

New lounge area

18 Dec 2015

Discover our new lounge area inspired by the autumn season. Emerald wallpapers and fabrics from Nina Campbell offer to the showroom a warm atmosphere.